Another year is quickly coming to a close. As the autumn leaves change colour and the cold, sunny winter approach (at least in Japan), I  find it's a good opportunity to reflect on what we choose to leave behind, and what new possibilities we open the door to in the new year.

November reading

Climate — a new story.

In November, focus was on COP26 and climate change. While there is plenty to read on the topic, to the point it can be overwhelming, I strongly recommend Charles Eistenstein's Climate — A new story. He challenges the polarisation of ideas and encourages us to examine our relationship with nature and each other.

The secret world of weather.

I have always been curious about our ability to sense and respond to the world around us. Tristan Gooley tells a fascinating story about our ability to sense and predict the weather. Although I have no ambitions of becoming a meteorologist, it illustrates how we tend to turn to abstracted data on our phones, rather than simply look at the sky and sense what's coming.  

November thinking

I have written two short pieces on my blog, this past month.

Nature² is my working name for how we connect with our nature within, and Nature around us.
4 elements
The 4 elements is my hypothesis of the key elements that shapes how we experience life.

What's coming up next?

For some time, I have intended to create a course to share some of my thinking in a more structured format. It's taken me some time to frame it in a way that feels meaningful, but I have now committed myself to launch the first experiment in the beginning of the new year.

The focus will be on leadership, and my particular interest in leadership for impact and change. However, part one of the course will focused on self leadership, as I believe our ability to be a good leader in any area is rooted in  confident leadership of ourselves first and foremost.

If you are interested in finding out more and potentially participating in my course, please get in touch!