Today, I read a good article by Marty Cagan on writing a book, which is something I have been curious about for a while.

In this article, he talks about choosing your voice , to ensure that the way you communicate comes across authentically, in a tone that you want to communicate with your audience.

What particularly struck me was

“all of my writing, in one way or another, is a form of coaching”  

— Marty Cagan

To this point, I have not sufficiently considered that, but that is indeed my intention. I don’t write to look smart, to sell myself or convince anybody of my ideas. I write for two simple purposes:

  • To self coach myself, by synthesising ideas and articulating them.
  • To indirectly coach others, by sharing content that I think may be valuable.

Based on that, I will challenge myself to more carefully approach my writing the same way I would approach my coaching.